Sunday, September 19, 2010

The nightmare that keeps haunting me...

For a few moments all I am aware of is my feet and the deep green grass. A sharp, sudden breeze whips my hair harshly into my face and the energy around me changes as I realize I am walking along the side of an interstate, Confusion and panic fill my mind as the dreamlike haze lifts from my eyes. I realize, as the next car passes, that it is a Saturn just like mine... with a bumper sticker just like mine.

Within mere moments, the car swerves near an exit and suddenly starts to spin out. With a violence unlike anything in reality, the car slams into a tree. For a few moments, I am frozen in terror but then, I begin to run. I have to get there to help. I have to help.I have to help.

The ground between me and the car (Is it my car?) seems to stretch with every step I take. Time speeds up while I remain still. Before I make it to the car, the police and the EMTs are on the scene. I watch them get a dark-haired girl out of the car and carry her on a stretcher to the ambulance. Her brown hair disappears into the ambulance and with an intense urgency, I climb in after her.

There is a furry of gloved hands. Words I don’t understand are spoken rapidly. “We are losing her!” That is all I understand. Haze fills my vision, but the sense of urgency and terror overwhelm my body.

The haze lifts to reveal the inside of an ER. I see a woman, a doctor, with blonde hair leaning over the girl from the ambulance. She sighs, smiles and says, “She is going to make it”

Everything goes black. Darker than anything I have ever experienced. A deep cynical voice states, “You may have made it, but you will never deserve that.”

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Llama Truth

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That is my alternate blog.